Solar Domestic Heating

We provide the following renewable services:


  • Solar Heating System Installation
  • Solar Heating System Repair
  • Solar Heating System Servicing


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Solar Heating - How Does It Work?

Solar water heating systems are able to generate up to 50-60% of your hot water using sun radiation through panels usually installed on the roof of your property.


These solar water heating panels are, where possible, placed on south facing roofs; however they do work facing other directions and can even be mounted on frames placed on flat roofs or on the ground.


The panels are angled between 20-50 degrees to maximise the exposure they get to the sun’s rays which are used to heat water stored in a tank.


The benefits of fitting a solar water heating system are:

  • To make savings on energy costs (some householders have been known to reduce their annual energy bills by up to 60%*).
  • To reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from natural energy.
  • To receive hot water from the sun throughout the year. This can be backed up by a boiler or immersion heater in the colder/darker months when there is less sunlight.

* The savings generated do vary based on the amount of sunlight in your area, the size of the property and the size of the solar water heating installation. 

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