Rain Water Harvesting

The demand for water is increasing in the UK due to the increasing population and increased usage. Due to the UK’s climate you would think that there would be an abundant supply of water, yet, we either have an over-supply or a drought. Harvesting rainwater can help in both these situations, as well as making use of a free resource.

Reasons to invest in rain water harvesting: 

  • Water charges are increasing year on year
  • Forthcoming regulatory changes are expected
  • Over 90% of UK homes are expected to soon have their water usage metered
  • It makes financial sense long term to use this natural resource


It is said that the average person in the UK uses approximately 150 litres of water every day. Around half of this usage does not need to be mains water quality.

Installing a rainwater harvesting system can reduce your mains water usage by half, allowing you to easily use recycled rainwater whilst saving a considerable sum on your household water bill.


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